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Server management

Sunday, December 20th, 2009

What is server management?

If you have a dedicated server or virtual server you are responsible managing the software on the server. Your providers responsibility is only to maintain the hardware and connectivity. If you have a co-location service you are responsible for the hardware too. In some cases some dedicated server providers offer you basic server management to you at monthly cost. In most cases you would require server management services if you do not have a server administrator on staff.

ServerManging acts as your server administrator round the clock.  We have a number of server administrators on staff with expertise on different Linux and windows servers. We do proactive server management to make sure your server is running secretly at blazing speed all the time. We will take care of the patches, security updates etc. We will also do reactive server management. This means if your server goes down or slows down our alerting system will let us know. Any time of the day or night we will spring to action to make it right

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